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EndPoint MSI interrupt generation on T4240

Question asked by Kenny Le on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by ufedor


   I have a T4240 QorIQ on a PCIe card, which configured as an EndPoint (EP) to the RootComplex (RC) on the host x86 platform. The x86 host is running with Linux CentOS and the T4240 is running with INTEGRITY OS (GreenHills). I'm trying to prototype the PCI communication between the x86 host/RC and the T4240 EP with MSI enabled. I'm able to generate MSI interrupt(s) from the x86 and service the interrupt(s) on the T4240. But I'm having trouble generating MSI interrupt(s) from the T4240 EP to 0x86 RC. Do you have any example that shows how to generate MSI interrupt(s) on the T4240 QorIQ (as an EP)?  Thanks.