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iMX6 / XIO2213BZAY / Drive Connection

Question asked by Jason Alden on Aug 30, 2016

I am currently trying to find a solution to the below setup



The setup consists of a connection from iMX6 to a XIOO2213BZAY chip via PCI then connected to removable memory modules via firewire



I have been using the nitrogen6x to model the behavior.


Kernel Version:

I have tested a variety of versions.

3.10.17, 3.10.53, 3.14.52, & 4.1.15



The expected behavior is that the drives would connect every time. Right now the behavior changes depending on the Linux kernel version. We have had the best luck with 3.10.17 which works intermittently. Some boards will not connect the PCI at all, some boards are intermittent, and some connect every time. It is about a 25% failure rate. When applying the other Linux Kernels, the PCI connects 100% of the time.


Linux Kernel 3.10.53, 3.14.52 & 4.1.15 were able to connect the PCI component; however, the failed loading firewire_sbp2 driver. This occurs 100% of the time with these kernels.



dmesg logs for failed and successful drive connections.  At the end of the captures, I include the results for lsmod & lspci.

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