Neil Palmer

System clock check failure

Discussion created by Neil Palmer on Jun 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by Nouchi
Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am using Codewarrior dev studio for Coldfire SE Ver 7.0 build 15 with an IDE version of 5.9.0 build 2502. I am using a P&E micro usb multilink connected to the BDM port. I am making two separate projects, one on a M5213EVB and one on a M5211DEMO board.

The problem I'm having is during downloading of code into flash. After I start CodeWarrior I am able to download code into flash about 5 times. After that, I get the error: "System clock check failed. See details for additional information."  Nothing I try can get rid of the error except restarting CodeWarrior. After a restart, I am able to download code an addition ~5 times before the problem re-appears. Somewhat annoying to say the least. :smileymad:

If anyone has any suggestions for a way to fix this, it would be appreciated.


P.S. on both boards I am using an external 7.3728 Mhz crystal.