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[Resolved]What does "E_SL_MSG_DEFAULT_RESPONSE" mean for host/node protocol for ZigBee_IoT_Gateway ?

Question asked by Eric Tao on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Eric Tao

According to the JN-AN-1194-ZigBee-IoT-Gateway-Control-Bridge.pdf, the E_SL_MSG_DEFAULT_RESPONSE defined as:



It does not get much description on this msg, but there is some usage in the sample code.

In the zigbee-jip-daemon sample code, for a ZHA On/Off cmd, it send out an E_SL_MSG_ONOFF and wait for E_SL_MSG_STATUS and then E_SL_MSG_DEFAULT_RESPONSE.


But there is no description on the response on E_SL_MSG_DEFAULT_RESPONSE for E_SL_MSG_ONOFF command:



What is E_SL_MSG_DEFAULT_RESPONSE used for? Is it to indicate that the Command is successfully received by the target(e.g.: APS acknowledged)?


Thank you!