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Debug TWR-MCF54418 with BDM/OSBDM error

Question asked by Chang Liu on Aug 30, 2016

I am working on TWR-MCF54418 with CW10.4/ P&E Multilink universal FX. Use the default CW bareboard project, I can connect to the target,and the "Hello World" string can be printed, but some of the MCF54418 registers can not be read correctly. For example, the reset value of UMR10 is 0x00, but the value I have read is 0xff, and it can not be modified also.

Most registers are read as 0xff except NFC/FEC/MMU/EMAC,etc. The registers' details is shown in the attachments.

I also try to use OSBDM, the same results.


My question is why the registers are read as 0xff and what can I do if I want to use the devices,such as  UART/CAN/DSPI,etc.



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