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im6 Ultra Lite Booting Issue

Question asked by Krunal Shah on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by igorpadykov


We have developed customized board based on EVK of imx6 Ultralite.We have used processor MCIMX6G2DVM05AA and we are using micro Sd card to boot the board. RAM which we are using is AS4C256M16D3L-12BCN from Alliance memory. We have only microsd card for booting and USB for communication to my main board , UART and MFG_Boot portion we have used on our board.


Now when we are trying to boot the device after power up, we are not able to boot it but as soon as we touch the POR_B test point with probe (Please note the at probe's other end is open, means one end we are touching on the Test point of POR_B and other end of cable is open) system starts booting up and complete the process.


We do not know what prob is doing so that system started booting up. We have tried 10K & 4.7K for BOOT Mode 1configuration to pull high as described in manual and evk manual.


We have captured some wave form as attached, please help us to find the solution.



Krunal Shah