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Required Details about BLE SoC QN9021

Question asked by Mangesh Dhakane on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


We are working on BLE Project. We are going to design our own BLE Module.

our application is targeted towards asset tracking with a slight advance features
each slave node might have 2-3 bytes of data to be shared with the BLE master/ smart phone
Slaves need to send this data every min or so
Communication distance for the slave must be in access of 10m (we would ideally like it to take it to 100m)
The slave devices will broadcast the data on air without knowledge of any host availability in near vicinity.
The master will need to be smart enough to sniff these messages & extract the 2-3 byes data from these frames
It should not be necessary to for the slave to pair with the master to send the data.

We find QN9021 as one of the option

we will need to know - 
> How much time will be needed by a it to send such advertisement or a beacon message over air?
> How much current will be needed to go to Tx range of 100m (something near to that)?
> what is the slip/ stop current requirement of the chip in which the it just keeps track of 1 min interval rest all section is off?
> overall what will be average current requirement for the SoC?

> Do we have detailed current consumption chart/graph for advertisement application?


This data would allow us to select capacity for the battery to allow us to offer 5 yrs life.