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How running code from FLASH on KDS 3.2.0

Question asked by Didier JEANJEAN on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by Alice_Yang

Hello from France

I search in the community and in Eclipse under KDS 3.2.0 and documentation, and i find nothing about how to run code from FLASH.

By default KDS run code from RAM and i need to know the reason to run code from RAM instead of FLASH.


I understand  that it is usefull to RUN in RAM in Debug mode to place debug tag in code without wearing the FLASH, but i don't understand why running from RAM when we are in Release mode  ? 

And even in Debug and Release mode It seem to me mandatory to run code from FLASH, because we have near always much more FLASH than RAM.


In all case is somebody know  where




In my case and for many application it is very important to use only RAM for data and running code from FLASH,

With CodeWarrior the choice is very easy and visible but in KDS  nothing ?