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About precision for VDD_xxx_CAP of i.MX6Solo

Question asked by yuuki on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by yuuki

Dear all,


Would you tell me about precision for VDD_xxx_CAP of i.MX6Solo?



The value of each VDD_xxx_CAP is as follows.
- VDD_ARM_CAP;1.225~1.400
- VDD_SOC_CAP;1.15V~1.125V
- VDD_PU_CAP;1.15V~1.125V


I understand that these values are values to be set in each Set points.(not measured voltage value)

Is my understanding correct?


In 996MHz operation,
When the Set Point of VDD_ARM_CAP is set to 1.225V, the measured voltage is 1.246V.

Is this correct operation?


How much is a precision(margin of error) for each VDD_xxx_CAP set points?


May I have advice?

Best Regards,