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MC9S08PT8VLC - Setting Baud rate to 9600

Question asked by Arun Mallick on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by ZhangJennie

Hi NXP Support,


We are using the freescale microcontroller MC9S08PT8VLC to communicate with a Zigbee network. The communication with Zigbee is possible at 9600 baud rate. Could you please assist us on how we can set the baud rate of the chip. Below is a snippet of the code we are using to flash the MC. 


void PC_UART_Init(void)
SYS_SOPT2 &= (byte)(~(byte)(0x80U));

PORT_PTCOE = PORT_PTCOE & ((byte)(~(byte)(0x40U))) | (byte)(0x80U);
PORT_PTCIE = PORT_PTCIE & ((byte)(~(byte)(0x80U))) | (byte)(0x40U);
PORT_PTCD |= (byte)(0x80U);

SCI1_C1 = (byte)(0x00U);
SCI1_C3 = (byte)(0x00U);
SCI1_C2 = (byte)(0x00U);
SCI1_S2 = (byte)(0x00U);
SCI0_BDH = 0x00U;
SCI0_BDL =0xC3U; //9600
SCI0_BDH = 0x00U;
SCI0_BDL = 0x34U; //9600


Please assist us how can we reset the baud rate of MC to 9600. Let us know in case you need any other information.