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LPC11U37H debugging not possible as no emulator is shown

Question asked by Claudius Kehrhahn Employee on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Claudius Kehrhahn

Fresh LPC11U37H just taken out of the box. Connected to the PC via USB cable to J6 on LPC board.

Windows device manager shows: LpcDevice.

Downloaded IOH software package from website, imported in LPCXpresso 8.0.0 Build 526, build sample project "nxp_lpcxpresso_11u37h_ioh_uart" and tried to debug it. During looking for a connected emulator the entry in the Windows device manager changes from LpcDevice to "LPC-LinkII UCom Port" in section "Ports". However, there is no CMSIS-DAP and the list of found emulator is empty.


Any idea which driver might be missing or what else needs to be done?