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Super slow with KDS 3.2

Question asked by David Sherman on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by David Sherman

I had this problem in KDS 3.0, and increasing the Ecplise stack size kinetis-design-studio.ini. seemed to fix the problem:




However, KDS 3.2 is having the same problem, but the same change isn't fixing it.


The symptom is it starts out building quickly, but subsequent builds get slower and slower to where it takes 10 minutes to build something that only took 15 seconds to build before.  Once I reboot the computer, it's back to building quickly, but eventually it slows down again.  The worst part is that it leaves everything running very slowly; if I close KDS 3.2 and switch to KDS 3.0 for older projects, it's taking forever to build and the whole machine is being very sluggish, with the CPU usage stuck at 90-100%.


Parallel builds are enabled.  Builds are local to the machine.  Any ideas?