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SD Card boot problems for P2041

Question asked by gyosun shim on Aug 28, 2016

Hi All,


I am of the P2041RDB-PC EVM board test.


In the existing T2081 Board has set the boot as shown below.

   => tftp 1000000 u-boot-sd-T2080RDB_SDCARD.bin

   => write 1000000 8 0x800

   => 1000000 fsl_fman_ucode_T2080_xx.bin

   => write 1000000 0x820 80


P2041RDB-PC on the CD, download the u-boot-sd-P2041RDB SDCARD-git-r34.bin fsl_fman_ucode_p2041_r2.0_106_1_9.bin and below were not to boot.

   => tftp 1000000 u-boot-sd-P2041RDB_SDCARD-git-r34.bin
   => mmc write 1000000 0x008 0x800
   => tftp 1000000 fsl_fman_ucode_p2041_r2.0_106_1_9.bin
   => mmc write 1000000 0x46a 0x080


Did you write the wrong address? Or how all right the wrong?


Thank you.
Best regards,