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UART 2 in KSDK V 2.0 issue

Discussion created by Anil Nadargi on Aug 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Jens Seifried

Hi ,


We are working on MK27Z256MV4 SOC . We are currently working on UART module on K SDK 1.X with Processor exper and KSDK V 2.0 without processor expert .


We are able to communicate over UART module using Processor expert driver with KSDK 1.X version 

But we are not able to work the UART module using KSDK V 2.0 driver . 


Below are the pin mux settings in pin_mux.c file of the project .

PORT_SetPinMux(PORTD, PIN2_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt3);            /* PORTD2 (pin C2) is configured as UART2_RX */

PORT_SetPinMux(PORTE, PIN22_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt4);           /* PORTE22 (pin G2) is configured as UART2_TX */


and we are using RTOS UART APIs as below , 

UART_RTOS_Send () and UART_RTOS_Receive () . 



Thanks ,

Anil N