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object files recursively copied

Question asked by Carlos Barcala on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Fiona Kuang



I´m experiencing a strange behaviour when using several build configurations in my DSC project (under CW 10.6). If I choose a diferent folder for each build configuration, but all of them are under ${ProjDirPath}, everything goes fine. When I build configurations A, B and C, I find new ${ProjDirPath}/BUILD_A, ${ProjDirPath}/BUILD_B and ${ProjDirPath}/BUILD_C folders populated with obj, d and args files, as expected.


But when I setup the output folders of the configurations to have a common parent path other than ${ProjDirPath}, lets say ${ProjDirPath}/BIN, the binary files are copied recursively and every build takes longer to finish:


1) I clean the project

2) I build configuration A. I get a ${ProjDirPath}/BIN/BUILD_A folder with the files I expected

3) I build configuration B. I get a ${ProjDirPath}/BIN/BUILD_B folder with the files I expected as well as a ${ProjDirPath}/BIN/BUILD_B/BIN/BUILD_A folder with the object files of the A configuration

4) I build configuration C. I get a ${ProjDirPath}/BIN/BUILD_C inside what there´s a /BIN/BUILD_A folder and a /BIN/BUILD_B folder (with /BIN/BUILD_A inside).


In summary, these folders show up:










Has anyone suffered this problem?