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IMX6 wayland display output to fb0 not updated with alpha

Question asked by Arunkumar Rajagopal on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Bio_TICFSL

Hi NXP team,

We are using IMX6 for our application development.

Kernal 3.14

wayland-weston 1.9.0


We have multiple client application(UI & NAV etc) managed by wayland and composited by weston.

In a scenario like, we need to show UI(NAV client app will not be considered for composition) with some video play controls and need to play video and will be output to /dev/fb1.


wayland display composited output to - /dev/fb0

Video image updated to  - /dev/fb1

fb0 - is confirgured with local alpha in pixel mode to blend with fb1.

and we are providing the alpha values from our application for IPU to blend with fb1.


Please refer the below link for wayland development community discussion.

desktop-shell: How to enable really alpha blending of weston background? 


"But Weston does not do transparent backgrounds. The backends instruct the
renderers to allocate an opaque framebuffer if possible, because there
is not supposed to be anything "behind" Weston. After all, Weston is in
charge of everything going to the display, so by definition there is
nothing to show through to."


Not only wayland, X11 also working like this.


To over come on this issue, NXP have any solution? Please help us on this issue.