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Problem during Watchdog initialization

Question asked by Ganesh Vijaya Kumar Puppala on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Radek Sestak



I am working on S12G micro, and  we initialize watchdog CPMUCOP register in bootloader before jumping to the application.This is causing some irregular CAN error messages on to the BUS.


So, If I don't initialize the Watchdog in bootloader when valid application is present, we don't observe CAN error frames on the bus.


I am not able to identify what is the relation between the Watchodg and CAN driver.


Please refer the configuration below for watchdog and PLL,

   CPMUCOP   = 0x44;

   CPMUPROT    = 0x26;
   CPMUCLKS    = 0x80;
   CPMUOSC     = 0x80;
   CPMUREFDIV  = 0x80;
   CPMUSYNR    = 0x01;
   CPMUPOSTDIV = 0x00;
   CPMUPLL     = 0x00;


So if I comment the CPMUCOP initialization I am facing the problem mentioned above.


Please let me know of there is any relation between watchdog initialization to the CAN driver performance.


Thanks in advance.



Ganesh Vijaya Kumar P.