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problem with executing new firmware through bootloader

Question asked by Ali Nikfarjam on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Ali Nikfarjam

hi everybody,

i am designing an ethernet bootloader for LPC1768 keil. so far i wrote a code that recieve new firmware over TCP\Ip and store it in flash memory using IAP, then by setting new sp and pc jump to the address of new firmware.

i tested a simple blinky example which i wrote myself with using this code to jump and it works,


void execute_user_code(void)


   void (*user_code_entry)(void);
    unsigned *p; 

    p = (unsigned *)(IMG_START_SECTOR+4 );
    user_code_entry = (void (*)()) *p;


i tested sample blinky from keil ,it didn't work and i just enabled interrupt before jumping ( __enable_irq(); ) then it worked.

but for any other little bigger firmwares ,after jumping and executing , program hangs. i looked at the memory of address, which programms hangs on it and most of them are same ( its somthing like EF E7 E7 E7 EF E7 ... )


can anybody tell me please what can be a problem?


thank you all