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Question asked by marcela dueñas on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by marcela dueñas

I have an eeprom and a accelerometer, and it was conected to a I2C port. I have been using a kinetis MKV31F256VLH12 that works similar to the kf64 board, except the emmbeded components like the acelerometer.


If i use the PE componen for each individual  component, it's works ok , but if i use this components working together there is an error beacuse the single PE component use the same port of the other and make error between this both.


I'll try to create a new library for each component , the eeprom works ok with the new library , but the accelerometer do not response to me . I think i don't make correctly this library.


To avoid the port pproblems i am using the BiT IO component for both (eeprom -  accelerometer ).


Somebody can helpme to do the right library for the accelerometer with the Bit IO method?


i am using the 24LC512 and the FXOS8700