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Is there a way to control FPS in android with IMX6 SOLO ?

Question asked by peter liu on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by peter liu

We run Android stabilty test tool on two imx6 solo android platforms. One is SOM+RGBLCD and see 30 FPS and IMX6 chip temp reaches 53 C. Other is SOM+LVDS LCD and IMX6 chip temp reaches 73 C. The SOMs are the same.

We suspect that the LVDS combination has better ability to get higher FPS so much more heat is generated.  So we want to reduce the heat by FPS and are wondering whether FPS can be controlled by software side ?  If yes, please suggest where it is. Or is there any other way to do this alternatively?

Thanks for any suggestion and comment.