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T1040RDB Boot Issues

Discussion created by Bryce Ferguson on Aug 25, 2016
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Hello all,


I was recently given a T1040RDB which was not booting properly from NOR flash (bank 0).  I connected the serial port to a terminal and saw that U-Boot was reporting an error.  I tried switching flash banks but the other one had not been programmed.  I decided just to try flashing a clean U-Boot binary into NOR using the CodeWarrior TAP (Rev. E).  I adjusted the switches to use the JTAG RCW and opened CodeWarrior 10.5.  I used the flash programmer to flash the QorIQ SDK 1.6 U-Boot into flash bank 0 using 0xeff40000 as the offset (as documented in the flash memory map for the board).  Once flashing was complete I reverted the switches to boot from NOR flash bank 0.  Now the board will not boot at all.  When power is applied, the ASLEEP LED remains lit and I see no output from the serial console.  When I try to flash again using the TAP, I get the following error:


Failed to reset the target
[CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin)


Is there a way I can wipe flash completely and start from scratch?  I know it can be done using JTAG, but I can't connect anymore.  Below is a list of the hardware/software I am using in case they are useful:


QorIQ T1040RDB Si Rev. 1.0

CodeWarrior v.10.5 Licensed

CodeWarrior TAP Rev E

u-boot.bin (SDK 1.6)


Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.