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imx6 hardware breakpoints

Question asked by iloskutov on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by CarlosCasillas

Hi there,


I try to implement gdb-stubs for some kernel. And I can't make hardware breakpoint work on iMX6 hardware. I implement exception handlers and set up ARM debug module with next steps:

- check that debug module in normal power state and registers can be accessed;

- check that OS Lock not enabled;

- reset registers DBGVCR, DBGBCRx, DBGWCRx

- enable monitor mode;

When I set up hardware breakpoints using registers DBGBCRx, DBGBVRx they don't work. I checked this gdb-stub code on qemu and it works.

I found only a few iMX-specific options: CPU debug clocks in CCM module (enabled) and register IOMUXC_GPR10 (debug enabled)

Do I miss something in the iMX-specific configuration of debug module?