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Unable to flash to NAND flash with mfgtools on imx6q Sabre AI board

Question asked by Leipo Yan on Aug 25, 2016

I face a problem when using mfgtools to flash to NAND flash chip on imx6q Sabre AI board.


The NAND flash chip is 16GB flash MT29F16G08ABABAWP-IT. It's inserted into the NAND flash socket on the board. Following instructions in Chapter 4 of Android_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf, the S3 has been set to 0101 before flashing. Script mfgtool2-android-mx6q-sabreauto-nand.vbs is used to update the flash. 


The board is detected via USB cable when the first time the mfgtool is launched.  After "Start" is clicked, there are some operations. The process does not complete. The log is attached as MfgTool.log.


After stopping the process and exiting the mfgtool, I try to reboot the board and repeat the process. But this time, the board is not detected as mfgtool shows "Unassigned" on the top left corner of the screen and "No Device Connected". 


Please advise what went wrong and how I can flash to the NAND chip. Thank you.

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