Erik Kliemt

MK60DN256xxx10 I2C Bus doesn't work

Discussion created by Erik Kliemt on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by David E Seymour



i am trying to set up an I²C communication with the MK60DN256VLL10.


The SDA and SCL Line remain constant at ca. 500 mV. If I send a command on I²C bus the voltages raises a little bit, but i can`t see a clock on my oscilloscope. 


I am using the example Code from the I2C_LDD component.


I am sure that the conductor tracks on the circuit board are correct. There is also no scratch or something else on the cuircuit board, that can cause the problem. I`ve checked the conductor tracks with a multimeter an they are all ok. 
There are no loosely solder joints and the pull-up resistors are the right (10kOhm).  I´ve calculate the pull-up resistor values  a second time and tried some smaller resistance, but it doesn't work. So I´ve tried to use the other I²C bus on the MK60, but i`ve got the same problem.


Does somebody has any idea, where the problem could be?