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MMA8652 Power Consumption

Question asked by Tuurbo 46 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales



I have a strange power consumption problem with the MMA8652.  


When this chip is running, and is in standby state, it consumes 5.2mA.  


With the MMA8652 disabled the MCU consumes 2.2mA.


So MCU + MMA8652 running the board consumes 7.4mA.


The MMA8652 functions correctly and reads all angles etc, and this is repeated on more than 3 new build boards.


But I cannot understand why it consumes so much power.  One question I do have is, I have connected both of the interrupt lines interrupt 1 and 2.  I am using interrupt1 and this is active low.  So the MCU pin is setup as in and pull_up.  The second unused interrupt line interrupt2 pin is setup as in and pull_up.  Would this second unused interrupt pin be consuming all the power?


Any ideas or tests would be greatly appreciated.


Look forward to your reply.