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MK22FN1M0A internal flash reading

Question asked by Kent Gu on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


I am using MK22FN1M0A, would like to use internal flash to store some calibration data to simulate EEPROM function. Have read the flash example, now question is?

#1, How to make the program don't use the special flash sector for EEPROM function? It means that how to arrange special sector for EEPROM fucntion? We can define it in KDS?

#2, How to call the data in virtual EEPROM(flash)? In the example, there are erase special sector function,, write special sector function, no how to read special sector? 

#3, How about the flash endurance? Don't have any idea about it. If don't erase and write virtual EEPROM(flash), just read it when power up the board, it will don't affect flash endurance. It means that there is just several times of configuration change, and then several time virtual EEPROM operation, the virtually EEPROM should work well?


Any input is appreciated!


Have a good day.