Ilya Philippov

Components choice for DALI slave device development?

Discussion created by Ilya Philippov on Aug 24, 2016

I have a task to equip a LED luminaire with a DALI interface. Now I am trying to inderstand which hardware and software tools and components do I need to develop a working sample and test it. I am a lighting engineer and absolute beginner in embedded electronics and programming. That is why I ask you to help me to choose the right components for my task and avoid overpayment for redundant components. I found that OM13026 LPC111x DALI slave demo board seems almost exactly that device I need to make. The only difference is that that OM13026 can't provide a feedback about current state of the luminaire to DALI controller. If it is correctly The only thing I need to do is to copy the schematic of OM13026 LPC111x and download DALI library on it? Or the task is much more difficult? Another words could you please advise me the following:


1) Which equipment do I need to make a working sample of a DALI slave device which could receive external DALI commands, convert them into PWM signal and provide a feedback from luminaire (status, dimming level etc.)?

2) Which additional equipment do I need to test my sample? I guess it must be DALI master board (LPC1343 DALI to USB master) and debugger (eg. EMBEST  COLINKEX  ADAPTER, DEBUG, SW / JTAG)

3) Which additional hardware/software components do I need to make my device?

Thank you in advance!