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PWM with FTM on KW24D512

Discussion created by Fabrice TOCCI on Aug 24, 2016
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I'm building a wireless product on KW242512 IC.
I planned to drive a LED brightness with a PWM signal.


I started with KSDK1.3.0 / examples / twrkw24d512 / driver_examples / ftm


PTD4 configured as FTM0_Ch4 is used to drive LED brightness.

I have changed board.h as follow
/* The Flextimer instance/channel used for board */
#define BOARD_FTM_INSTANCE              0
#define BOARD_FTM_CHANNEL               4


When I run the example code nothing happens on PTD4 where I thought a PWM wave will show up.
What is wrong in my setting?
How do I need to use this example code to get a PWM signal on PTD4 pin.


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