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MPC5777C ISR pending

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by JONGMIN NA

Hi, Everyone


I have a problem about MPC5777C's ISR.

First of all, My System is


MCU : MPC5777C


Compiler : WindRiver Diab

Interrupt vector mode : Hardware Vector mode

Timer for OS tick counter : PIT2

Timer for our own API(just tick counter) : PIT RTI


I have configured ISRs. PIT2 is Category 2, RTI is Category 1.

 PIT2 is controlled by OS API and RTI is controlled by my code.

RTI TIF is cleared in this code.



But, When above ISR code excuted once, PIT2 is pending(It means all of OS tasks pending, not working) and RTI Interrupt is not cleared even if executed TIF clear code( same as CLEAR_PENDING_INTERRUPT_RTI() ).


For figure out this problem, I did try many things.

If RTI ISR is configured as Category 2 ISR, Then PIT and RTI ISR work well, There are no problem.

But I have to use RTI ISR as Category 1 ISR.


Another solution, (I don't know that this solution is correct)

Clear the INTC PRC_CPR0 register with 0.

It looks work well, but It is so weired.




Please give me a solution or verity my temporary solution.