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PROG12Z is throwing invalid addresses in srecord block

Question asked by Ganesh Vijaya Kumar Puppala on Aug 24, 2016



I am trying to flash .phy file of my Bootloader software using Cyclone pro through PROG12Z tool.


when I flash my code through CodeWarrior IDE debug mode my code runs without any problem.

But when I try to flash .phy file the PROG12Z tool is throwing the following error,


For your information I am using the burner file attached, to compile using the IDE CodeWarrior.


Well I use the algorithms to erase and link are as mentioned below,




Please let me know why am I getting Invalid address in srecord block?


Is it related to burner file? If yes, I request you to provide me the burner file needed for S12G micro.


Thanks & Regards,

Ganesh Vijaya Kumar P.

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