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Is it possible on the KL03 to drive the LPTimer at greater than 8 Mhz using the internal reference clock?

Question asked by Chuck Smith on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Chuck Smith

The datasheet says max LPTmr frequency is 24 Mhz. The reference guide says LPTmr can be driven from the "internal reference clock". The MCG_Lite can be configured for a 48 Mhz high frequency internal reference clock. But I don't see how to set the mcglite parameters to produce more than an 8 Mhz clock for the LPTmr. Currently I have:


    const mcglite_config_t mcgliteConfig = {
        .outSrc = kMCGLITE_ClkSrcHirc,
        .irclkEnableMode = kMCGLITE_IrclkEnable, 
        .ircs = kMCGLITE_Lirc8M,
        .fcrdiv = kMCGLITE_LircDivBy1,
        .lircDiv2 = kMCGLITE_LircDivBy1,
        .hircEnableInNotHircMode = true,


When I call CLOCK_GetFreq(kCLOCK_McgInternalRefClk), I get 8 Mhz, which the LPTmr does seem to be clocking at.