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KL25Z and Sensor Fusion

Question asked by Andrew Hartnett on Aug 23, 2016

Hi Mike,


I'm relatively new to Freescale and Sensor Fusion. I have a project working on a custom board with a KL25Z128VFM4. It's driving a string of LEDS, reading some switches, and monitoring a battery voltage with an ADC. The board also includes an FXOS8700CQ accelerometer and magnetometer, and an FXAS21002 gyroscope. I built the initial software using SDK1 and processor expert, and can configure and read the sensors (I2C) and manage all the other components, but now I want to integrate the Sensor Fusion Software. I thought an approach would be to build a bare metal version using the V7 Sensor Fusion on the FRDMKL25Z with the AGM01 board and get that working with the Sensor Fusion toolbox, then port it to my board. But I'm struggling to work out where to begin. I built a SDK2.0 package for the KL25Z128, and downloaded it, and can create a new project using it with the 2.0 wizard. I've read the print of the pages from the Rev 2 of the User Guide, but am still unclear how to proceed. Is there a document I'm missing somewhere that will provide some direction? Do I just have to import all appropriate source and headers into the project, modify the main with main_baremetal.c, configure the build.h, and go from there?


Thanks for any help!