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PF3001 External mosfet driving issue

Question asked by Ritesh Patel on Aug 23, 2016
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I am using PF3001 with iMX6UL in one of my design.

I am facing issue with PF3001. I am using 5V adapter to powerup the board. As recommended in PF3001, I have used external P-MOSFET.

Prior to this issue, PMIC power was ok and I was able to boot iMX6UL.

Now MOSFET is not turning ON. I have observed that Gate (LDOG) voltage and Source voltage (VPWR) are same, 5V.

From below image (PF3001 datasheet Page # 31) it seems that it is only possible when internal PNP transistor is off.

Is there any damage internally in PF3001?