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MPC5644A RAM image Debug Issue

Question asked by Hao Wu on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Hao Wu

I have problem of  debugging RAM image with CW 10.6 and P&E USB multilink Universal. After RAM image is downloaded to ECU and start execution,  Program Counter(PC) is not able to move to start of main() function. It is stuck in Memory area of BAM.  


With same source codes built into ROM image, i have no problem of downloading and debugging it. everything acts normal.


I build a RAM image with  an empty project that only has a while loop, I could download and debugging it without any issue. After RAM image is downloaded, PC immediately stops at begin of main function and wait for debugging. 


 If i decrease size of my source codes by removing some modules and build it into a RAM image, I could  successfully debug it without any issue. 


Is there any size limit for RAM image debugging? like 32K?  I am using evaluation version of CW 10.6.


Thanks a lot for your help!