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UHS-I support

Question asked by Vishakh M on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi All,


We are trying to provide UHS-I support in SDHC driver "sdhci-esdhc-imx.c" in Linux 3.0.35 running on i.MX6 custom board.

PMIC(pf0100) VGEN4 LDO provides voltage required to the connector.


In esdhc_writew_le() whenever SDHCI_CTRL_VDD_180 is detected we are planning to change the VGEN4 LDO voltage to 3.3 to 1.8V which is required for high speed operation. And whenever normal SD card is detected VGEN4 voltage should again switch back to 1.8V to 3.3V.

How we can use the pfuze driver to achieve this voltage switching?


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