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Gaming Handset

Question asked by Christie Su on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Mike Stanley

Hi Mike,


I am using FRDM-K64F and FRDM-FXS-MULT2-B to test the new sensor fusion library V 7.00.

I downloaded KSDK2.0 for FRDM-K64F and compile the sample code under "baremetal_mult2b" for sensor fusion.

I downloaded the executable code to FRDM-K64F and works fine.

When I am trying the gaming handset mode, the heading is keeping the change(0.2 degree per s) and it is almost the same as fusion V5.00 when it is stationary because of gyro drifting.

I was told that you added the new function to avoid this in V7.00 and I am going to try it.

Could you tell me if I need to set some threshold to avoid drifting when in stationary?