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MKM33 and MKM34 code compatibility

Question asked by Alexey Panteleychuk on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


We have the prototypes based on MKM33, but the software is developed for MKM34. When we flash the prototype with the software, sometimes it works good, but sometimes not (default_srt, or the program counter goes to the middle of nowhere).

Could you please advise if MKM33 and MKM34 are software compatible? As far as I know, the difference between the MKM33 and MKM34 is only in the number of AFE channels. We use the channels 0 and 2 in our project, which are presented in the both MCUs. The code optimization is off. What could be the reason of the problem? Or we need to rebuild the software anyway?

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