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sd-card read hang in USB composite mass storage

Question asked by Sankho Sarkar on Aug 21, 2016



I am new to the lpc platform. I am trying to build a usb composite device with VCOM and MSC (storage over sd-card). I am using a NGX Xplorer 1830. I modified the usbd_rom_dfu_composite example, by adding the sd-card initialization routine into main(), and modified translate_rd and translate_wr with read and write from sd-card.


However, I notice that the device hangs during read from the card:


static void sd_rd(uint32_t@ offset, uint8_t * *buff_adr, uint32_t length, uint32_t hi_offset)


  // only using offset, access limited to <~ 4GB

  int x;


  x = FSMCI_CardReadSectors(0,verifyBuff,offset/sdSectorSize,length/sdSectorSize);


  *buff_adr = verifyBuff;



Although, the read works fine during initialisation.

The project with lpc-xpresso is attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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