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If there is any pin on TWR-56F8400-KIT board that is not pointed out have to be connected ?

Question asked by Freeman Yang on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by xiangjun.rong


  I am using the demo "BLDC_HS_TWR-56F8400" with TWR-56F8400-KIT, and I did all the steps on Quick Start Guide, the code have aready been download. It seems that all the things are OK, no problem with the BLDCM, but the motor could not work. If anyone have some1similar problems?

  Question is, I heard that I have to connect one of the header to GND or Vcc, which is not mentioned in the documents of thr TWR, I wonder if it is true? Or any one can know what is the problem might be.