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WIFI QCA6234 is not waking up properly after sleep (ESDHC_WP ??)

Question asked by Manoel Ramon on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Manoel Ramon

I am working in a product based on Android JB and IMX6. However, I have notice the WiFi is failing after the device enter in sleep mode. We are using the QCA6234 as SD interface which is defined in the sd2.


I tried to reset the chip during the resume process but the driver breaks and we lose control of WiFi... However, I was investigating some gpios and I noticed the following with the gpio ESDHC_WP:


Before activate Wi-Fi -> LOW

After activate Wi-Fi -> LOW

After sleep Wi-Fi -> HIGH  (at this moment I can see a lot of "AP failed to scan" and WiFi only recovers if I turn off and turn on the WiFi again).


In the board definition I have


#define MY_SDIO_CD                         IMX_GPIO_NR(2, 7)

static const struct esdhc_platform_data mx6_horizon_sd2_data __initconst = {

        .cd_gpio = MY_SDIO_CD,

        .keep_power_at_suspend = 1,

        .support_8bit = 0,

        .delay_line = 0,

        .cd_type = ESDHC_CD_CONTROLLER,

        .support_18v = 1,

        .runtime_pm = 1,



So, as you can see keep_power_at_suspend = 1.


Any idea to help me to debug this issue ? Many thanks !!!!