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What best way to pass large or unknown amounts  of data between tasks

Question asked by DaveTonyCook on Aug 20, 2016
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I have an application that requests data sets from a remote target via serial coms.  The data sets returned can be of any size from a few bytes to a Kbyte.  The receiving task reads in the data set one byte at a time storing the data in a 2k circular buffer. This process continues until the frame delimiter is reached. The circular buffer has wrap around detection. The read uses the MQX serial driver in interrupt mode Non-Blocking and returns 1 byte per call if there is one available.


My current solution.


The circular buffer is a 2K static array that has file scope.  I have provided a global accessor function that will return a pointer to this buffer and can be called from any task.  The buffer also has a semaphore to lock access whilst being written to or read from.


Once a requested data set has been received the receive task informs the control task that a data set frame has been received and is ready for unpacking and processing. The control task calls a function that pends on an event with a time out. When the receive task post this event the control task calls the accessor function to get a pointer to the circular buffer holding the received data.


This approach works well however being new to MQX I feel I might be missing a more elegant solution?

If using an MQX message queue which message queue would be the best to use to solve this problem?

Also, whats the best / most efficient way of dealing with unknown data set size, can you dynamically set the size of the message queue?


Thanks for your help