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Help Flashing Fresh Android image to Riotboard uboot using Linux Mint as the enviroment

Question asked by Keith kaaos on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Victor Linnik

hello all i am in desperate need of some emergency help. i use my riotboard for 90% of my online and technical work. And yesterday i was trying to adjust the screen resolution (which i have been wanting it to work on  a small hdmi for a while now) and somehow while in uboot i screwed something up and i need to put a fresh image on there. My original image was done using windows but i dont have access to that machine and i need to be able to flash on linux and i can only find directions online for windows and the directions i do find for linux are for flashing ubuntu not android.  i need a mfgtool for linux which ive been seeing is apperently out there somewhere, i just dont have the ability to produce. if i could only find step by step directioins for flashing android KK or LP to the board and NOT a  SD card i need it to be on the actual board. someone please help me. i have a uart cable so i think im set to go i just need the directions. someone please!!! help!!! thank you