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Register Based Local Double Variable Values Are Not Being Displayed in the CW PA V10.3/10.5 Debugger "Variables" Window

Question asked by Freebooter on Aug 19, 2016
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When examining the value of a function local variable of type "double" that is held in a FP register (not on the stack), the value of the variable presented in the debugger "Variables" window and in a tool tip (when placing the mouse cursor over the variable in the source window) - the value always reads zero. I have to go to the "Register" window and examine the actual FP register to get the variable value.


We have been using CW PA V10.3 for years where we have been seeing this issue on a consistent basis. I have never found any prior reference to this problem in the Freescale (NXP) support areas up to this point. I have recently installed V10.5.2 for evaluation and am seeing the same problem.


Is this a documented issue and if so is there a plan to address it?



Mike Patterson

Omni Flow Computers