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i.MX6SL Android 4.4.2 EVK USB Camera preview callback not enabled issue

Question asked by SUGUNA MALLESWARI on Aug 18, 2016



Our requirement is to read different barcodes (1D, 2D like QRcode, PDF417 ...etc) using 5mp USB camera.

Processor : 1.MX6SL

Target Board : EVK

OS : Android 4.4.2 BSP

Camera: USB 5mp truly make

Connected : USB OTG port of EVK board

Camera config:

     setprop back_camera_name uvc

     setprop back_camera_orient 0


We tested with ZBarScanner-master application and zxing-android-embedded-master applications.

Both are failing in Camera HAL layer (disableMsgType 0x10, Preview callback not enabled 10, enableMsgType 0x10, Disabling Preview Callback).

Please find attached log with zbar cam for your reference.


Kindly suggest us to resolve the issue.




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