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MPL3115A2 Accuracy

Question asked by Atila Santos on Aug 19, 2016

Hello, guys.

I know this topic was mentioned before, but I still have some problems with it.


I can not have a good accuracy in the altitude measurement with the MPL3115A2 sensor.

Some things I did:

- OSR x128;

- Acquisition rate = 2 Hz.

- OFF_H ajust.


The problem:

In a room, with the same light all the time, I got:

- Variations about ~2,5 meters in 1 minute;

- Variations about ~15 meters in 8 hours;

Note 1: I can acquire the temperature perfectly, without large variations,but the altimeter has rude variations.

Note 2: I know that the sensor can varies because of the atmosferic pressure, but ~2,5 meter in 1 minutes is not normal.


Is it normal? How can I solve this?