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Custom LS2088A hardware DDR4 bring up

Question asked by Ralf Goebel on Aug 19, 2016
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I'm trying to get U-Boot (QorIQ SDK 2.0) working with a custom LS2088A hardware. After fixing an address offset for the Global Generic Reference Timer, U-Boot continues until DDR4 initialization is done. The initialization of DDR4 memory doesn't show any problems. But U-Boot seems to get stuck when accessing DDR4 memory for the first time:


Initializing DDR....using SPD

Detected UDIMM TS512MSH64V1H

Detected UDIMM TS512MSH64V1H

Programming controller 0

Programming controller 1

RAM Configuration:

Bank #0: 80000000 2 GiB

Bank #1: 8080000000 5 GiB

DRAM:  7 GiB

DDR    7 GiB (DDR4, 64-bit, CL=13, ECC off)
       DDR Controller Interleaving Mode: 256B


U-Boot stops when calling memcpy() in reloc_fdt(), which seems to be the first access to DDR4.

I also tried to implement a memory test after DDR4 initialization. The result is  that U-Boot hangs after writing the first word that is not in a range of 128 bytes of the previous writes. Could there be something like a write buffer stall, or some cache related problem?


Another question:

I also have a CodeWarrior TAP, but no valid license. Is the LS2088A usable with CodeWarrior? I don't want to waste 3000$.


Any help is appreciated,