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Question about DCF of MPC5744P

Question asked by UWin F on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by UWin F

Q1: How can i add a “DCF record”? Do I need special tools?

Q2: Once a “DFC record” has been programed,can I modify or erase it?

Q3: What does the “controlword” mean? (in the pic below)


Q4: In the pic above,it mentioned about “STCU clients”,  I wander which STCU registers are the “STCU clients” and what are their “control word”.

Q5: in STCU chapter, I find this(pic below).

Q5A: Is the “00080000” is the “control word”?

Q5B: why 00000400 means ”No self-test” and 00000301 means “Normal startup self-test”?

Q5C: which register is corresponding to this “DCF record”?

Q5D: why does need to store this “DCF record” as first record? If I store it in the other position(except
the first), what will happen?


Thank you very much!