Mike Stanley

Bare metal projects for AGM01 Sensor Fusion for K64F and K22F

Discussion created by Mike Stanley Employee on Aug 18, 2016


Version 7.00 of the sensor fusion library was released into the KEX ecosystem this morning.  Unfortunately, a late breaking configuration file problem prevented staging of bare metal projects for AGM01.  But it's really easy to convert the FreeRTOS projects to bare metal.  Here's the process:

  • Download either FRDM-K64F or FRDM-K22F with ISSDK and FreeRTOS checked in the KEX configuration screen.
  • Navigate down the sensor fusion projects folder (<ksdk_root>/boards/frdmkxxf_agm01/issdk_examples/algorithms/sensorfusion)
  • Copy the freertos_agm01 to baremetal_agm01
  • Open the copied project in your IDE of choice
  • Remove FreeRTOSConfig.h from the sources folder
  • Remove the entire freertos folder
  • Replace main_agm01_freertos_two_tasks.c with main_baremetal.c (which can be found under <ksdk_root>/middleware/issdk_1.0/algorithms/sensorfusion/sources)
  • Remove the drivers/freertos folder
  • Build and download

That's it.

Note that a new version of the sensor fusion toolbox will be available at nxp.com/sensorfusion later today.  You'll need it to play with the magnetics and precision accelerometer features.