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Enable splashscreen in iMX6SL Kitkat4.4.2

Question asked by Jansi Rani on Aug 19, 2016

Hello Everyone,

we have a custom board designed same as iMX6SLEVK board and it is booting from eMMC flash with  Android kitkat4.4.2  filesystem.

Display and touch also working properly.


Now we want to implement splash screen in u-boot.

we followed this link: Enabling IMX6SL EVK LCD Splash screen , and implemented the same in our u-boot.

Now at the booting time we are getting freescale logo in half screen because our display resolution is 480x272 where as the Patch given in the above link display resolution is 800x480.

Now issue is we are getting Kernel panic error and display is coming as blank.

for reference we attached the log file.


Please guide us how to rectify this error and implement the splash screen in Android Kitkat 4.4.2 version for our custom board.




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