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S12ZVML EVB motor stall running MTRCKTSBNZVM128_SW_Hall.exe

Question asked by Scott Kerstein on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Radek Sestak



The S12ZVMLEVB is running the MTRCKTSBNZVM128_SW_Hall.exe demo application and always gets a motor stall fault when the motor is set to Run by the EVB button or using FreeMaster following EVB power up.  Then, if the EVB reset button is pressed, the fault is cleared and the motor will run okay using the EVB button or by FreeMaster control.


However, if the EVB is powered down, followed by another power up, the fault comes back.

With the attached schematic, pots were adjusted and jumpers settings were checked.


Sorry for limited details, but wanted to know if something was missed.




Thanks, in advance.